Dana G.

I took my first online workshop with Dazed and Reused on Sunday, July 5th 2020. I was apprehensive as when I begin a project with a group, I’m always falling behind because I get so involved with trying to perfect my project. I didn’t feel rushed at all during the Dragon Journal Live Online class. Although realistically I could have spent hours longer on my journal, there was enough time for me to follow my journal through to completion. I know the next time I try to make one independently I can spend all the time I want now that I have a good basic understanding of how it was done. I was SO impressed by the stunning array of journals done by other participants, all diverse colors and styles, it just whetted my appetite to try again on my own. It also created a desire to take another online workshop soon! Thank you for your time, expertise and patience. Until next time! Thank you

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