Your Most Powerful Moment

Shine Yourself When It is Darkest

There is a moment in your life. It shows up many, many times. It often shows up when you least expect it. This moment can go unnoticed. But more often, it comes and goes at times when you are in so much pain that you don't notice what just came your way.

It is your most powerful moment. It is also an infinite moment. It is infinite because the potential that lies within that moment knows no limits. This moment will revisit you, and every time you recognize it for what it is, you enlarge this potential. You magnify it.

And what is this infinite moment? It is when you want to give up. It is when you feel like your ability to go any further is completely gone. You may want to give up on one thing. You may want to give up on several things. You may even want to give up on everything...perhaps even life itself.

Anyone who tells you that these moments don't come, or should not come, does not understand or has another agenda. They come for everyone.

Don't run from this moment. Don't try to get rid of it as if you are doing something wrong or as if it is something that needs to be fixed. You are not broken. You are not malfunctioning.

No, you are something greater. You are someone grander. The depths of who you are is an infinite well, and it is through dipping into your own inner well that you find the power to take your most powerful moment and transform it into something....

...Something bigger than what you were dealt...Something more compassionate than what was given to you...Something more beautiful than what you see all around you.

When that moment arrives and you feel you must give up...that you cannot go on...find that bottomless well within you that has something you didn't realize you had. And once you find it, you will suddenly realize you always knew it was there. For it is familiar. It is powerful. It is loving.

It is a part of your being that is the birthplace of dreams and inventions and compassionate ideas. It is the place where strength to go on resides. But it is not just strength to go on. It is the strength to go go go beyond.

When that dark moment strikes you and makes you want to give up, don't believe what it is telling you. Something deeper is calling you. It is calling you to summon your own hope and love and courage. It is not calling you to be a human without problems. It is not calling you to be perfect. It is not calling you to pretend. It is not calling you to act like you have it all together. It is not calling you to stop making mistakes.

Instead, it is calling you to tell your story. Tell your story, not as a victim, but with meaning. Bring light to your story that your own story may become inspirational for all others who are in their own painful moments. This kind of light is contagious, as the candle that can light a thousand others without losing any of its own light.

When the weight of the world is on you...when despair is choking you to death...when depression sucks the life out of you...when the stress of this world is closing in from all sides...know this...

You have arrived at your most powerful moment. This is the moment that transforms everything. It is the stuff of epic tales. The potential for change that goes above and beyond is this moment of your suffering.

Make no mistake, you have this power within you. It is your story to tell. It is told in your way, in your time, with your personality. None can give it to you and none can take it away. But others can inspire you to awaken your own story.

And when you shine your own light in your personal suddenly discover your power to awaken the countless stories in all the people around you.

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