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1) To get tickets for a Paint Party Club class or event, go to our workshops page and click ‘Register Now’ on any class of your choice. Select the class date you want and add it to your Cart. Once on the Shopping Cart page, click ‘Redeem your code’. Then enter a coupon code and apply it. Your $35 OFF coupon code is:


Remember you can only use the $35 OFF ticket once per month. Your $5 OFF coupon code is:


You can use the $5 OFF ticket as many times as you want, but not on the same class in which you use your $35 OFF ticket. After entering one of your coupon codes, finish checking out and pay your remaining balance (if any).

Note: You cannot divide up your $35 OFF and apply it to different classes. For example, if you use your $35 OFF on a $25 class, that class will be free for you, but you cannot use the remaining $10 for a discount on another class that month. Also, you cannot let friends or family use your Club member coupons. Only you can redeem them. Anyone giving their coupon codes to others is at risk for losing their membership. Finally, you cannot save up unused $35 off discounts and carry them over to future months. Only one $35 off discount per month.

Note: Paint Party Club membership and discounts do not apply to classes that are run by guest teachers.

2) Show up for the class!

Note: Please be sure to only purchase tickets if you are going to attend, so we have an accurate head count.

3) If you want to use your two free Art Cafe painting hours (which you get every month), you don’t need to make an appointment. Just come in anytime during our regular business hours and we will get you set up!

4) Please contact us if you are having any issues with your membership or have any questions. Remember that we have a minimum 6-month commitment the first time you sign up. After your 6 months, if you need to cancel at any time, you can do so using the Thank You confirmation email you received after signing up. At the end of that email, find where it says ‘Need to manage this subscription?’ and click ‘Manage.’


Remember, you can use your Paint Party membership on any of our classes, which are listed on our Workshops page.

We are excited to paint and have fun with you!

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