Pandemic Stress: from Fear to Trust

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Inspiring Group Art Therapy: Jan 2 - Feb 6
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Overcoming fear can feel impossible. Boundaries. Strength. Love. This group therapy will help you get rid of your fear, which is an unnecessary feeling that can be hard to control at times. You deserve a life filled with happiness and peace.

Ending fear doesn't have to be hard. As someone with the goal of overcoming your fear, you are jumping into a safe space where encouragement and support is plentiful. Join this group for 6 weeks to feel inspired with others who are also making their way forward in life, just like you, despite what is standing in their way. You don’t have to do it alone because this weekly therapy will prove how much stronger you can become when surrounded by strong individuals like yourself.

Our group therapy is perfect because we will open your eyes to see what you want and create a plan. Our sessions can help you feel empowered and strong without depending on fear anymore so you can live the life you deserve to live!

Break free from your fear and let it go. This group therapy will help you with overcoming your fears and learning how to trust yourself again. Let us guide you with our warm, welcoming environment that will allow you to heal yourself and find success in your life.


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ABOUT THE THERAPIST: Christopher Franklin, WA State Licensed LMFT

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