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We teach Art classes Online anywhere in the USA...with ALL Supplies INCLUDED! Over 50 types of painting classes Online, on a recurring basis. With each class, you get to Pick your Colors & Supplies & get them in 1 to 4 days by Priority Mail anywhere in the USA, or by Curbside Pickup at our studio in Tacoma, WA! We teach Classes for Paint pouring, Canvas, Clay sculpting, Alcohol ink, Rock art, Jewelry & more!

Browse below to see the wide variety of Art Workshops that we offer Online. Each category below can have a wide variety of classes available. Our online workshops are interactive, entertaining, inspiring, fun, and relaxing! You get to engage in conversation with us and other class members. We also provide individual attention and assistance throughout class.

Our calendar of classes is constantly rotating and growing. If some categories don't have any classes scheduled, don't worry, we are probably working on getting more scheduled! Check back weekly to see our listings!

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