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Create some Magic and craft a Mushroom Quartz Crystal pendant that is completely unique to you. Put whatever emotion and feeling you want into it, so that you can feel it as you wear it. We teach the techniques, you choose the colors for your paints!

You will sculpt one Mushroom pendant out of polymer clay, and attach a real Quartz crystal as the stem! A jewelry bail and metal chain is also included. All supplies included! We'll bake the clay pendants during class, then paint them with special brushing techniques that we show you!

(NOTE: You will need access to an oven or a toaster oven to bake your mushroom during class).


You don't even have to have your own art supplies! All supplies are included! All you need to do is schedule a time to quickly pick up all the supplies you need to participate at home in the virtual class. Or we can MAIL them to you! And if you DO have your own supplies, we have discounted ticket prices for that as well! If you want supplies shipped, we use USPS Priority Mail, which takes 1 to 3 business days, depending on which part of the US you live in.


For EACH ticket you buy, you will receive a full set of supplies. But sometimes people want EXTRA supplies to do more art! After you have added your class tickets to your Shopping Bag, you can customize which extra Crystal Mushroom Pendants supplies you want more of by CLICKING HERE, or by clicking anywhere on our website where you see the product "Crystal Mushroom Pendant Supplies". Once you've chosen which supplies you want more of, add them to your cart and you can checkout all at once.


  • This is an online class. To participate, you must have a computer, tablet, or smartphone that is capable of streaming video and audio so you can hear and see us. If you want to be able to have 2-way video and audio, then your device will need to have a camera and microphone so we can see and hear you, as well! However, this is not required.
  • If you have bought a ticket, and for any reason are unable to participate, then you will have a credit under your name that you can apply to one of our future classes. Just let us know when you see a class you want to use your credit on! We do not provide refunds on class tickets, only class credit.
  • If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance, feel free to email us at or to text or call us at 253-666-4059.


You'll love this online class. We will bring our usual humor, entertainment, guidance, support and creative energy just as we do in all our in-store classes! There will be interaction as well! You will be able to ask questions and get feedback from us while you make your art! Find a Class Date that works for you and Buy Your tickets now!


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